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Main » Cars Premiere in 2012
Already it is no secret that the world's largest automaker, BMW, is developing a new family of electric vehicles, known as the "i" Series. We have already seen the first all-electric hatchback renders i3 and hybrid coupe i8. This time, we offer you to watch some videos with these two models.

Unfortunately, the clip presents a computer version of i3 and i8, but soon expected real video concept cars, the world premiere scheduled for September this year the Frankfurt Motor Show in the (Frankfurt Motor Show 2011).
Prices for cars are kept in strict confidence.

... Read more »
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Experts from tuning studio Carlsson prepared a new package of improvements for a large sedan Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the latter body W221.
The car received new front bumper with four round foglights and chromed grid in the inlet, aerodynamic side skirts, rear bumper pad for a small spoiler and trunk lid HN.
The finishing touches of external tuning Mercedes S-Class are 20-inch alloy wheels "wrapped" in a low-profile tires Dunlop, as well as underestimated by 30 mm suspension.
Not paid attention to the engineers and Carlsson engine sedan, reconfigure the electronic control ... Read more »
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In the studio produced Abt Sportsline Tuning package for VW Tiguan updated in 2011, which included not only the aerodynamic accessories and wheels, but also improvements in engine parts.
The car received a new grille with large combs, sills, "apron" rear bumper and a small spoiler on the roof. In addition, the tuners installed new springs, ride height lowered by 20 mm Tiguan. Rounding out the picture of the external tuning wheels are available from the radius 18 to 20 inches.
As for the revised crossover engines, the engineers of ABT offer increased performance 2.0-liter diesel T ... Read more »
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Bavarian concern that owns the legendary British brand, decided to issue a special model of Mini, which will be especially effective in London.

The main charm of Soho Edition, which is based on the Clubman, is that all owners of the car, living in the capital of England, will be able to drive into the center without paying the tax, because the maximum rate for CO2-special edition Mini is only 99g/km. Fuel consumption is established at around 4 liters per 100 kilometers. These indicators provide a slightly modified motors 1,6 and 1,6 D on the model of Cooper.

The same ... Read more »
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Fickle term release of a large swimming model Galiber moved again. This time at an earlier time. In his last interview with the avtoresursov, president of Bugatti, Wolfgang Dyurhaymer, said the official sales start preparing to take the fall of 2012.

The latest statements by date is getting closer and closer to the chosen one that was circulated among the rumors. One of them even went back to the beginning of 2013. A few words about the car: the model has a working title Galiber, although previously reported that the car will snap "Royale". But one thing is clear: it will be the m ... Read more »
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After a deep restyling of the entire chapel with a number of cases Opel / Vauxhall definitely went up the hill. Now at court tuning studio of one of the GM division is preparing the most radical version of the popular hatchback.

VXR model will get the index for the U.S., UK and Australia, and European buyers will see on the trunk lid the more familiar name of OPC. Shape of the car is almost identical concept GTC Carbon, which was unveiled at the Motor Show in Paris last year.

New turbo engine gets a new, whose power is brought to the giant 295 hp. According to company ... Read more »
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Not so important is the fact that the company Cosa Design was nothing heard for a very long time. However, in the past, because now they have returned with probably the most amazing service pack for the Lamborghini Gallardo. What better way to attract attention than excellent improvement?

Using as inspiration the image of Lamborghini Reventon, the master of the company Cosa Design created the most aggressive appearance of the currently available that, among many parts, includes a new front bumper, side "skirts". Modification of food has undergone car, get a new diffuser, new pipes ... Read more »
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Spies-paparazzi posted a net shot, which shows a very strange Lamborghini, which is found in the back of Sant'Agata Bolognese, in Italy. Car Recalls Aventador, but has a recognizable wheels Bugatti.

This is enough to start the rumor mill, which foreshadow the emergence of new, more powerful Aventador. The standard model has Aventador devyatnadtsatidyuymovymi discs front and dvadtsatidyuymovymi - rear tires with 255 mm and 335 mm respectively. Bugatti, in order to cope with his speed, created a special wheels for their supercars, which are the wheels 20 and 21 inch tires with 265 m ... Read more »
Category: Cars Premiere in 2012 | Views: 588

No matter how hard to imagine, but even at this advanced cars like Mercedes SLS AMG can also have a tuning package. One of the list of improvements presented by Carlsson.

The well-known tuning studio is a list of the most companies involved in the modifications of cars Mercedes-Benz. To the top of the entire range of companies from Stuttgart specialists Carlsson have prepared a total of three changes. First, the standard took place a new, 10-spoke wheels of light alloy. Second, the standard suspension is replaced by a pneumatic swing with a 40 mm, and if the driver forgot to retur ... Read more »
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Toyota has announced prices for SUVs FJ, Highlander and Land Cruiser 2012 model year. The cost has increased by FJ $ 200 (0.7%), and now ranges from 25 $ 990 for the version 4x2 with 5-speed gearbox and 27 $ 580 for 4x4 V6 automatic.

Highlander in the standard and hybrid versions of the updated since last year, so anything new we do not see. Remained at the same level and price. The gasoline version is offered at a price of $ 28,090 (two top, 4 cylinder, automatic 6x) to 37 045 $ (Limited V6, automatic 5x). Hybrid version can be purchased for $ 38,140 (base, AWD) and 43 $ 795 you ... Read more »
Category: Cars Premiere in 2012 | Views: 578

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