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Recently descended from the conveyor car Mercedes CLS 63 AMG is equipped with a 5.5-liter eight-cylinder biturbo engine of 518 horsepower. No doubt this is quite an impressive performance for a luxury sedan.

However, American bodybuilder studio Renntech found a way to make the car even more impressive, increasing engine output to 669 horsepower. According to the company, the modifications include the same level. They never are called Stage 1.

At this stage, additional capacity is made possible thanks to the ECU and new exhaust system. This allows the car to accelerate ... Read more »
Category: Tuning | Views: 561

Most packages improvement of bodywork studio Senner Tuning is focused on such cars as the Nissan 370Z and the Audi A5, but this time the masters of the company turned their attention to a completely different car.

They became popular crossover BMW X6, which is the new face is very similar to the touareg. Improvements include a modification of this car looks, conformation, and an increase in engine power by 30 horsepower. However, in order: upgrade the exterior starts with a new front bumper and large air ducts, resembling honeycombs, and also feed cars has changed. The old wheels ... Read more »
Category: Tuning | Views: 608

Since its official appearance of BMW X6 has become a favorite car of all the leading tuning studio. And now, when the market is "hot" version with the letter "M" in addition to standard index imagination of engineers and designers of different studios just protested. In these series is now seen by representatives of the G-Power.

First, the glory ekstererschiki bother tuning studio. They prepared for the bizarre crossover a new front bumper with large air intakes and splitter, wheel arch extensions, "skirts" thresholds, a diffuser with a pair of exhaust pipes in the center wing and ... Read more »
Category: Tuning | Views: 726

The exhibition vehicles Essen Motor Show, which is from November 26 to December 4, held in Essen (Germany), the company introduced a new Steinmetz tuning program for the future of Opel Astra OPC. In the pack entered the new styling kit from the top and bottom grids, front mudguard, spoiler and exhaust pipes. On the body marked with a silver and anthracite strip. Hull side mirrors and door handles are made of stainless steel.

Three-door hatchback has acquired new 19-inch wheels shod in 245/40 R19 rubber quality of Continental / Michelin. A new suspension lowers the sport type ride ... Read more »
Category: Tuning | Views: 687

Immediately after the release of the new service pack for the car Porsche Panamera, the bodybuilder studio Hamann entirely turned its attention to a much larger model in the luxury segment: Land Rover Range Rover.

Program enhancements include aesthetic improvements to the appearance of the car, increase productivity, and changes in auto exterior. Thus, Range Rover has a new front spoiler with large air ducts, as well as harmoniously integrated LED daytime lights. In addition, the model has a carbon roof spoiler, new exhaust pipes and a set of disks 22 inches.

But the ... Read more »
Category: Tuning | Views: 528

Несмотря на то, что автопроизводитель Lamborghini становится всё напористей в продвижении своего суперкара Aventador, позиционируя его в качестве флагманской модели, многие до сих пор помнят автомобиль, которому на замену пришла эта модель.

Для большинства модель Murcielago остаётся неизменным фаворитом. Поэтому компания PUR Wheels, что находится в США, и взяла это авто за основу своего нового проекта. А если точнее, то речь идёт об автомобиле Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce. Компания, что специализируется на создании дисков для наиболее экзотических авто мира сего, оснастила Murc ... Read more »
Category: Tuning | Views: 569

Atelier Toyota Racing Development - one of the world's leading factory-tuning. By coming to Tokyo Motor Show Japanese masters developed their tuning cars, practice racing sedan version IS-F.

Exterior of the car is not very different from the standard analog. The only significant difference is in the hospital wing on the lid of the luggage compartment. TRD Representatives decided to direct their efforts at weight reduction. To achieve these goals, engineers replaced the standard hood, side skirts and "skirts", the roof, trunk lid, front fenders and a diffuser on their carbon counte ... Read more »
Category: Tuning | Views: 581

Afzal Kahn and his colleagues from the car body Kahn Design studio known for his love of cars Range Rover. After examining all the nuances of working with this SUV, they do not cease to amaze with their new projects.

The new package of improvements is called "Military Edition" ("Army Model"), and as its name, the car has received a number of improvements that make it a veritable fortress on wheels. The car body was painted in metallic gray that run from the military, added a new grille, as well as a number of elements from carbon-fiber fiber, among which are the front spoiler.
... Read more »
Category: Tuning | Views: 509

A day after the company Brabus has released a package of improvements to the Roadster SLS AMG, the Germans focused their attention on other models in the line Mercedes. This time it was the SUV.

The new generation ML-Class has gained as improving the appearance and increase the productive characteristics. Germans from Brabus largely emphasized the aggressive appearance of the model elements such as a new front spoiler, a "skirt", a rear spoiler and dual exhaust pipes of the system.

As for the engine, the Brabus added master system ECO PowerXtra D6S, which has increase ... Read more »
Category: Tuning | Views: 512

Automobile public has already see improvements in a variety of programs. Some of them were mad and agitated mind. However, rarely happen to see the car in an unusual blue-green coloring.

That this idea was considered masters of the German Touring Car Wimmer RS ​​studio suitable for a car Mercedes C63 AMG. Their new project starts with a pretty impressive versions of "heart" car. The company added the sport camshafts, a sports air filter from K & N, a new collector, as well as its own production exhaust system.

And as the final "stroke" engine was adapted electronics. ... Read more »
Category: Tuning | Views: 564

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