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German automaker BMW intention to return to the world of the 8th series of hovering around not so long ago. Initially it was assumed that the future model of Grand Coupe gets it name.

But instead, the Germans supplied the car Nomenclature 6-series, persuading representatives of the industry that it needs the other more luxurious four-door coupe. Therefore, the Turkish designer Ismet Sevik known previous work with BMW, in its wake created the concept of the future model of 8-Series.

However, his embodiment of the vehicle away from the configuration of the current Grand ... Read more »
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Rumors swirled around the car for six years, and now the company Acura announces that a new generation of car NSX is on its way. And he is not alone. Company cars will make two more new models.

Car show in Detroit will be home for three models of Acura, central to which will take the concept of the future supercar Acura. Second and third place will be split between a luxury sedan interpretation: ILX, which predict a competitor BMW 1-series, the new Mercedes A-Class and Lexus CT200h. Force the car will draw a two-liter four-cylinder engine.

And finally, Acura Acura RDX ... Read more »
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The company Skoda has published a new collection of photographs of the concept VisionD, presented at the Motor Show in Geneva in March 2011. Perhaps the Czech automaker has decided to refresh our memory design VisionD, which defines the concept of future models of brand Skoda.

Conceived VisionD is a new vision of a streamlined compact fastback roofline and long wheelbase with relatively short overhangs. According to Skoda, the proportions of the car not only give it aggressive, but also improve the interior of the cabin.

Recall that at the September Frankfurt Motor Sh ... Read more »
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In the vastness of the Tokyo Motor Show full-sized prototype was found lyukskovogo sedan called the FS Hybrid, a parent who acted as the Japanese firm Kanto Auto Works (KAW), which has long had a partnership with the brand Toyota. KAW has its own factories in Japan, Thailand and Brazil. The company managed to build several models of Toyota, as well as help companies with projects such as the GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II, who also participated in an exhibition in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, Kanto Auto Works has not provided any technical information about the new product.

J ... Read more »
Category: Concepts | Views: 745

Today at the Motor Show in Tokyo (Tokyo Motor Show 2011) debuted concept cars Subaru Advanced Tourer. Universal refers to the C-class, taking place between the Impreza and Legacy. The car has the following dimensions: 4580 mm (length) x 1840 (width) and 1 430 mm (height).

External and internal design of the conceptual model allows us to understand what will be the next generation of Subaru. However, in the near future should not expect production model with Lambo-doors. It is unlikely that the company will decide to take this step.

Four-seater is equipped with a low p ... Read more »
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Not waiting for the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan announced the latest version of the conceptual crossover Juke, prepared by the internal tuning division Nismo. Unlike other versions of this conceptual model, Juke Nismo is a very realistic project.

"Global sales of Nissan Juke showed that shoppers are looking for an extraordinary car,"

- Said Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer (Andy Palmer).

"Conceptual Juke Nismo raises the idea to a new level. He energetic, special, and most importantly, welcome. "

Experts Nismo began "processing" a car ... Read more »
Category: Concepts | Views: 657

Car exhibition in Tokyo is around the corner, and have already started to appear the first concepts. The first company that introduced the car, became Japan's Toyota and Fun-Vii.

Forget about painting the body and the various vinyl, the concept of Fun-Vii will change the shape of the car as easily as if you "download applications from the Internet", and will project all the important information for the driver and even a message. The same manner of customization will be available for the interior, whose interior can vary depending on the mood of the driver.

Also prese ... Read more »
Category: Concepts | Views: 545

If you're on the Frankfurt Motor Show, to penetrate the atmosphere that reigns in the halls, and suddenly saw a futuristic bike, do not worry, this is - part of the exhibition program automaker Ford.

Bike was nicknamed E-Bike and is a concept electric bike, which, by the assurance company will use in the not too distant future. Ford E-Bike has a frame made ​​of aluminum and carbon fiber, which has a weight of two and a half pounds.

The frame has a take-away steering Giant SLR Carbon 110mm and seat Selle Italia SLR XC. Also, a bicycle equipped with a manual transmissio ... Read more »
Category: Concepts | Views: 743

At the Auto Show in Frankfurt, Opel revealed his vision of inexpensive urban electric car designed for two people. The concept is called RAK. According to the automaker, sitikar has the potential for mass production.

According to Opel, RAK built on a skeleton of steel using conventional synthetic materials. The refusal from expensive exotic materials to help significantly reduce the cost of the car. At the same engineers managed to gather kompaktkar weighing just 380 kg, which is 80 pounds lighter than the one-seat concept VW NILS. Body length RAK ​​will be about 3 m and a height ... Read more »
Category: Concepts | Views: 866

Today in the German carmaker Franfurte Mercedes-Benz presented a great concept F 125! Dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the brand. Plug-in hybrid vehicle demonstrates a luxurious coupe near future. According to Mercedes, the concept captures two generations at once, and looks in 2025.

F 125! Uses a lithium-sulfur battery vysokoemkostnuyu supplying the four separate electric motors, one for each wheel. This drive system is called the Mercedes e4MATIC.

Hydrogen tank with a capacity of 7.5 kg is installed in the floor of the car. The maximum allowable pressure within ... Read more »
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