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«  December 2023  »
Followed by Nissan, which introduced the model of the Altima in 2013, the company Buick Enclave in a hurry to show before its official debut at the New York Auto Show on April 4.

Teaser clip allows only superficial look at the cab. According to the company's Buick: "This is the threshold of change. Changes that include the latest technology in security and modern design. "The new model will replace the current Enclave, which is on the market since 2007. And despite the fact that nothing else about the car is not known, we can expect a new look interior design and, most likely, new ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1546

After the automaker introduced the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, it's time to think about the possible appearance of the model XF-R Sportbrake. There is little doubt that the release of this car will be the next step in the company.

Due to resource now we can look at the rendering of the future car. As is the case with the sedan XF-R, Sportbrake boast a more aggressive appearance. And all thanks to a new grille, hood, new front wings, new LED lights and a new exhaust system with a double set of twin pipes.

As for the engine under the hood it will be five-liter tu ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1552

Rumors about the M6 Gran Coupe started to go ever since, as the Bavarian automaker BMW introduced the world to Gran Coupe 6-Series. But now the car was first spotted the paparazzi spies-in tests, confirming the good half of the rumors.

But do not expect the car to the end of this year. In predicting car rivals Mercedes CLS AMG, and Audi S7. As recently announced coupe and convertible M6, Grab Coupe will be powered by a V-eight engine of 4.4-liters and output of 560 horsepower. Initial rumors reported that the Gran Sport will increase the power of 20 horsepower.

A coup ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1597

In Ferrari promised to show a new model 29 fevrali, and kept his promise. The Italian manufacturer has provided us with the last child who has received the name of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The official presentation of the Ferrari 599 successor will be held in Geneva next week, but we can already say that it is the fastest and most powerful production car in the history of Ferrari.

Under the hood, "horse" is located V12 engine with a capacity of 6.3 liters. It produces 740 hp power and maximum torque of 690 Nm, 80% of which are available at 2500 rev / min. The power unit provide ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1600

Volkswagen has released the first images and details about the production version of the most powerful convertible Golf GTI, which will replace the current model. And most of all, the photographs we see the final version of the new items. The "live" it can be evaluated in early March at the Geneva Motor Show.

As we have mentioned earlier, the 2013 Golf GTI Cabrio has at its disposal a turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder engine. It generates 210 hp and a torque of 280 Nm at 1700 rpm. Operates power unit in conjunction with six-speed manual or optional six-speed DSG gearbox with doub ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1630

Version of the Spyder supercar Lamborghini Aventador will be already on the upcoming exhibition in Geneva in March, but thanks to the ubiquitous spies, look at the car, you can now.

The car was spotted in northern Sweden, where he underwent tests. Recent pictures show what was previously hidden under the camouflage tape: a folding roof. It also appears that the roof can be made from carbon-fiber fiber instead of the usual matter of which made ​​the roof roadster Murcielago.

Everything else - from the appearance and finishing performance - is akin to the twin-compartme ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 3184

An updated version of the prototype Kia Sorento came under sights spy cameras during tests of snow in Sweden. The current generation of crossover was launched in 2010, so the novelty is expected in 2013 or 2014 model year. See you spy photos inside the publication.

Unfortunately, the new Kia Sorento has been abundantly closed camouflage, but it's hard not to notice simulated headlights that look in style hatchback Kia Cee'd. Also striking restyled rear lights and bumper. As for powertrains, the experts do not expect anything new. Most likely the current range of engines will be up ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1770

The automaker Maserati announced its intention to issue a new car Gran Turismo Sport as a replacement for the current Gran Turismo S. And despite the lack of official confirmation, there is no doubt that the convertible version also sees the light.

Model GranCabrio likely to appear a year later, Gran Turismo Sport, a car will reveal the same line of design and use of the same range of engines as the coupe model. This means that convertible gets a new front bumper, which optimizes airflow to cool both the engine and brakes, LED lights, and tinted taillights.

The aggres ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1625

A few days ago we reported that the Lotus company will present at the Geneva show model of Evora, in the creation of which engineers drew inspiration from Formula 1 cars.

And now Evora GTE F1 pictures appeared on the World Wide Web. Auto pilot team will be on display Lotus, Kimi Raikkonen, who is also willing to answer any questions about the model, which at the moment a lot of melon. One of them concerns an alleged motor vehicle.

In terms of the appearance of the situation is cleared up - and all thanks to your photos. Model Evora GTE F1 team using different colors, ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1587

A year later, after the French company Citroen has demonstrated C3 Red Block concept at the Geneva show in 2011, the company returned to the same event, but to show the production version of the car.

The car will be available in five color schemes: blue with contrasting stripes on the bumper, white, metallic gray, the common gray and impenetrable black with shiny stripes on the bumper. In addition, anyone can buy a model with a modified steering system, a set of disks semnadtsatidyuymovyh, "clad" in 205/40, a modified chassis and lowered by 25 millimeters of suspension.

... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1668

The second model in the new family of i30 by Korean automaker Hyundai is preparing to debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The new i30 wagon will borrow the best from a fellow hatchback.

The car will be longer than 185 millimeters and offer a large amount of luggage, from 378 to 528 liters. Skin wagon distinguish the hexagonal radiator grille and new headlamps. In addition, the car will get a fairly significant body line that goes horizontally to the rear lights themselves.

Rear car window was created in view of the driver to provide maximum visibility. As for the engine, ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1446

Luxury carmaker Bentley is preparing to submit to the Motor Show in Geneva, and original interpretation of his luxury sports model Mulsanne.

Model Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Driving Specification distinguish the presence of new ductwork, lots of polished stainless steel, black chrome grille, a set of unique 21-inch disks, as well as high-quality leather trim.

Under the hood of this luxury will be a standard eight-cylinder V-twin engine with 6.75-liter that produces power in a number of 505 horsepower. A couple of his eight-speed automatic transmission. All this allows ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1661

A few days ago, the automaker Lotus announced his intention to demonstrate in Geneva, a convertible, meaning most likely a variation model of Evora. However, just a company representative said, and that the gig will see the light in addition to a special model of Evora.

Lotus engineers to create this Evora GTE drew their inspiration from the racing cars of Formula 1. As is usual, the manufacturer is not prepared to provide details on this car before its official debut, but the standard version of the Evora GTE now boasts a carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, carbon fiber rear win ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1471

The Bavarian automaker BMW has recently introduced a package of M-units for their vehicles M550d, X5 M50d and X6 M50d. As soon suffer the same car and the 1-series, but with only one exception: the first BMW will present this model as a concept.

The new model M135i officially debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6th. The car boast the same design line that has been sustained in the previous cars with badges M. Auto receive large ducts that interact with the system of the car.

Concept is equipped with six-cylinder inline engine with a twin-turbo supercharged, so the ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1558

If you got tired from all this news, which premieres next to announce the Geneva Motor Show, this surely you'll love its diversity: the network has first spy shots of the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf.

The car will debut at the Paris auto show this fall. Cars were seen in its three-door version, showing him the presence of the same camouflage film, the previous prototype. Future Golf VII will be built on the latest platform from Volkswagen, dubbed "Modularer Querbaukasten". For the first time it can be seen in the new generation Audi A3.

This new platform that, f ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1494

Five-door version of the all-new Renault Clio has been noticed during the tests in winter conditions. It should be noted that these are the first spy photos of new items. Unfortunately, it is carefully covered with camouflage, we can estimate only the general outlines of the body.

The main designer of the new Clio is a Lawrence van den Acker, who joined the French company of Mazda in 2009. The fact that it happened, we can estimate without camouflage at the Paris Motor Show this year. Now it is possible to note a rather bulky hood, huge air intakes, a more aggressive design fog la ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1402

The onset of 2012 would be for the company Aston Martin back in the FIA World Endurance Championship with his new car Vantage GTE. The company intends to participate in the category of GTE Pro.

The new car Aston Martin Vantage GTE is based on Vantage GT2 and significantly increased to mind. The model is equipped with the same eight-cylinder V-engine 4.7-liter capacity that can be found, and a production version. Major changes were made cylinder heads, connecting rods, valves and camshafts. A couple of the engine will be a six-speed semi-automatic transmission sekventialnaya.
... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1582

After the fair refinement model RS2000, Melkus automaker immediately began work on a special version of this car, with the intent to maintain interest in it. This model was called RS2000 Black Edition.

And as the name implies, the essence of the car will be black, which is the "highlight of the program." The body has a stunning glossy black color with a deep shade of what has been achieved, causing the paint to six layers. In addition, cars equipped with a sports package that includes carbon fiber front spoiler, rear wing, carbon diffuser. Salon seats boast that trimmed in black l ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1711

According to a recent report of the company, the Geneva Motor Show to be held next month, Artega Roadster present GT. As long as the manufacturer holds a complete list of the characteristics of a secret, apparently, fueling interest in their booth at the auto show.

But, as expected, Artega GT roadster has a 3.6-liter V6, which develops power of 300 horsepower. This allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.8 seconds. Top speed is limited to 270 kilometers per hour. The model also needs to maintain its aluminum frame and body with carbon fiber. Here are just a ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1380

Following the spy photos of 2013 S-Class, appeared on the Internet photos of the other novelties of this model year. The new Mercedes-Benz GL-Class was caught testing at the time of the city, but unlike the previous images, camouflage became less. To evaluate changes in the galleries you can publish internally.

Under the hood, new range of engines located almost similar to that expected to receive the 2012 M-Class. In particular, the model GL350 gets 302-hp 3.5-liter gasoline V-6 engine in the GL350, and GL350 BlueTec revised 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6 that produces 240 horsepower ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1545

French carmaker Citroen will bring to Geneva, a new concept sports HB DS4. But today, to debut at the auto show in March, the company has disclosed many new details about the news. For example, a sports DS4 will receive an aggressive body kit, matt finish on the grille and fender flares, and some are not such significant changes in appearance.

Citroen engineers also changed the chassis and running gear, so now HB 35 mm below. "Obut" concept in the 19-inch alloy wheels with tires 235/40. Under the hood is a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. In the regular DS4, this engin ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1525

After the Italian carmaker Lamborghini has officially confirmed its intention to create an SUV, immediately began to circulate rumors about how it will be called.

According to British publication AutoExpress, the crossover will be called MLC. But not the same thing whether it is the name that it intends to use the German automaker Mercedes for his crossover coupe? In addition, other Lamborghini cars are named after famous bulls, and the MLC can not boast of animalistic base.

How would the car not been named, and the first look at it will only auto show in April in Bei ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1436

Now, none of the main car show is complete without the most impressive of the present generation supercar - Bugatti Veyron. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the automaker decides to use this opportunity to introduce another special model.

This time it was a car Grand Sport Vitesse. According to the company's brand, Vitesse is positioned as the most powerful convertible model, which is currently on the market. Cars equipped with a monstrous engine of shestnadtsatitsilindrovym 1.200 horsepower. In order to cope with such power, Bugatti engineers had to seriously modi ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1458

Earlier it was reported that the company will demonstrate the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf model at the Paris auto show this fall. The new Golf VII promises to be quite different, built on a new platform and with more powerful engines.

The new model will be built on the Golf platform, the new MQB, which will make the car longer and wider. It is also expected, and improve the appearance, but do not expect radical changes since the Volkswagen plan to maintain its original "formula" Golf. GTI version also become a bit more aggressive than the current generation and will receive ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1411

Somehow available to the resource AutoBlog got drawings, in which a model is presented chetyrhedvernaya famous roadster Mercedes SLS AMG. Had the Germans decided to add another car using the current platform.

Drawing is a combination of conventional doors, the "wings", a small rear poludverey and the lack of a central pillar. The documentation also says that the Mercedes engineers intend to focus all their attention on reducing vehicle weight and maintaining rigidity.

In addition, the car will receive an increased wheelbase. Many representatives surprised the company ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1335

After a rather weak sales caused by the economic crisis, the Audi Q7 car is ready to return, he reveals himself a new generation. Until then, some of the information attributed to a kind of rumors, but now the network there were first spy shots of the car.

Looking at these pictures, we can note that car front wings are wider than its predecessor. It also became shorter and the front overhang. According to rumors, the new Q7 model to lose weight about 400 pounds. To achieve this, Audi engineers to create cars will use lightweight materials. Such as aluminum or carbon fiber filament ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 2030

Do not hurry to rejoice in spite of the similarities in the spy shots captured are not production-version of the concept Audi e-Tron Spyder. This is - Roding - double the average sports car engine layout, which was created by a small German automaker Roding Automobile.

First prototype of the Roding was seen on tests of last year, and while he was impressed with the ugliest car in the world. Apparently, the engineers took this into account, otherwise, according to them, they can "set new standards in the segment of roadsters." It should be noted that some errors had been made ​​wit ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1544

Over the past two years, the public saw the car two cars that were created with only one purpose: to honor the legendary Jaguar E-Type. And now to this list, you can add one more car.

Auto named Lyonheart K created by Robert Palm and Bo Zolland in England. Palm, head of the Classic Factory, said: "We wanted a car wearing the label" made in England. "Each part Lyonheart K designed, developed and assembled by hand here in Britain. The appearance of a car like no other falls under the definition of "English": car an elegant, dynamic, but at the same time, powerful. "

Mod ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1320

2013 BMW 3-Series GT once again came under the sights of cameras. And, accordingly, meet another batch of spy photos of new items. As with most spy photos of the winter period, the new BMW caught during testing on a snowy highway.

Although camouflage 2013 BMW 3-Series GT covers the body of the car, it's hard not to draw attention to the sport's profile. Alas, it is too early to draw conclusions about the appearance, as it may change. In the production of the new version will come only next year, so that the creators have time to spoil the design. While it may be, and vice versa, t ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1535

Renault has introduced the Twingo Mauboussin, which was designed for Valentine's day, and therefore received the name of the famous French jeweler. It has several colors for the body, as can be seen in the interior trim includes a unique high-quality fabric and leather. Buyers also get a car Mauboussin watches as a pendant with the name "1960, I love you."

Under the hood is placed one of two engines - dCi 85 eco2 and 1.2 LEV 16V eco2 with a capacity of 75 horsepower.

Renault Twingo Mauboussin will be available in France, Italy, Austria and Morocco. The cost of new sta ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1510

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