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French carmaker Citroen will bring to Geneva, a new concept sports HB DS4. But today, to debut at the auto show in March, the company has disclosed many new details about the news. For example, a sports DS4 will receive an aggressive body kit, matt finish on the grille and fender flares, and some are not such significant changes in appearance.

Citroen engineers also changed the chassis and running gear, so now HB 35 mm below. "Obut" concept in the 19-inch alloy wheels with tires 235/40. Under the hood is a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. In the regular DS4, this engin ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1282

After the Italian carmaker Lamborghini has officially confirmed its intention to create an SUV, immediately began to circulate rumors about how it will be called.

According to British publication AutoExpress, the crossover will be called MLC. But not the same thing whether it is the name that it intends to use the German automaker Mercedes for his crossover coupe? In addition, other Lamborghini cars are named after famous bulls, and the MLC can not boast of animalistic base.

How would the car not been named, and the first look at it will only auto show in April in Bei ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1187

Now, none of the main car show is complete without the most impressive of the present generation supercar - Bugatti Veyron. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the automaker decides to use this opportunity to introduce another special model.

This time it was a car Grand Sport Vitesse. According to the company's brand, Vitesse is positioned as the most powerful convertible model, which is currently on the market. Cars equipped with a monstrous engine of shestnadtsatitsilindrovym 1.200 horsepower. In order to cope with such power, Bugatti engineers had to seriously modi ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1170

Earlier it was reported that the company will demonstrate the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf model at the Paris auto show this fall. The new Golf VII promises to be quite different, built on a new platform and with more powerful engines.

The new model will be built on the Golf platform, the new MQB, which will make the car longer and wider. It is also expected, and improve the appearance, but do not expect radical changes since the Volkswagen plan to maintain its original "formula" Golf. GTI version also become a bit more aggressive than the current generation and will receive ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1149

Somehow available to the resource AutoBlog got drawings, in which a model is presented chetyrhedvernaya famous roadster Mercedes SLS AMG. Had the Germans decided to add another car using the current platform.

Drawing is a combination of conventional doors, the "wings", a small rear poludverey and the lack of a central pillar. The documentation also says that the Mercedes engineers intend to focus all their attention on reducing vehicle weight and maintaining rigidity.

In addition, the car will receive an increased wheelbase. Many representatives surprised the company ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1081

After a rather weak sales caused by the economic crisis, the Audi Q7 car is ready to return, he reveals himself a new generation. Until then, some of the information attributed to a kind of rumors, but now the network there were first spy shots of the car.

Looking at these pictures, we can note that car front wings are wider than its predecessor. It also became shorter and the front overhang. According to rumors, the new Q7 model to lose weight about 400 pounds. To achieve this, Audi engineers to create cars will use lightweight materials. Such as aluminum or carbon fiber filament ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1724

Do not hurry to rejoice in spite of the similarities in the spy shots captured are not production-version of the concept Audi e-Tron Spyder. This is - Roding - double the average sports car engine layout, which was created by a small German automaker Roding Automobile.

First prototype of the Roding was seen on tests of last year, and while he was impressed with the ugliest car in the world. Apparently, the engineers took this into account, otherwise, according to them, they can "set new standards in the segment of roadsters." It should be noted that some errors had been made ​​wit ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1205

Over the past two years, the public saw the car two cars that were created with only one purpose: to honor the legendary Jaguar E-Type. And now to this list, you can add one more car.

Auto named Lyonheart K created by Robert Palm and Bo Zolland in England. Palm, head of the Classic Factory, said: "We wanted a car wearing the label" made in England. "Each part Lyonheart K designed, developed and assembled by hand here in Britain. The appearance of a car like no other falls under the definition of "English": car an elegant, dynamic, but at the same time, powerful. "

Mod ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1032

2013 BMW 3-Series GT once again came under the sights of cameras. And, accordingly, meet another batch of spy photos of new items. As with most spy photos of the winter period, the new BMW caught during testing on a snowy highway.

Although camouflage 2013 BMW 3-Series GT covers the body of the car, it's hard not to draw attention to the sport's profile. Alas, it is too early to draw conclusions about the appearance, as it may change. In the production of the new version will come only next year, so that the creators have time to spoil the design. While it may be, and vice versa, t ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1174

Renault has introduced the Twingo Mauboussin, which was designed for Valentine's day, and therefore received the name of the famous French jeweler. It has several colors for the body, as can be seen in the interior trim includes a unique high-quality fabric and leather. Buyers also get a car Mauboussin watches as a pendant with the name "1960, I love you."

Under the hood is placed one of two engines - dCi 85 eco2 and 1.2 LEV 16V eco2 with a capacity of 75 horsepower.

Renault Twingo Mauboussin will be available in France, Italy, Austria and Morocco. The cost of new sta ... Read more »
Category: World news | Views: 1248

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